LG Faves: February 2019

LG Faves February 2019

It’s time for some February favorites. Since I have been following my February intention of read more, stream + read online less, I have two books and no TV shows, lol! A big part of being able to read more is to not be addicted to a TV show. Anyways, I hope you find something interesting to check out below.

Food: Lavva Coconut Yogurt

Oh Lavva how I love thee! I have finally found a dairy free yogurt that I actually enjoy, doesn’t have tons of sugar, and the ingredient list is normal. I had been missing dairy yogurt because I grew up with my mom putting a dollop of yogurt or cottage cheese on so many things: fruit salads, oatmeal, granola, toast, etc, but as I got older I started having skin issues on my arms and we found out that it was linked to dairy so the yogurt had to go. I had been searching for a replacement but I didn’t enjoy the flavor of any of the ones on the market – until I found Lavva! It is delicious and the ingredient list and sugar content is amazing. I highly recommend checking it out if you have to find a dairy free yogurt alternative.

Nonfiction Book: What Made Maddy Run? by Kate Fagan

Oh this book! I have talked about it a lot now – you can read my takeaways from it here. I can’t recommend it enough. No matter who you are you will learn something and gain some empathy and understanding reading this powerful book.  

Fiction Book: The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic

This book is so much fun. It’s all about entering into a different magical world surrounded by magicians, kings, dragons, fairies, and I just loved it. It was a nice change from such a serious book (Maddy) and you find yourself falling into a wonderful fantasy hole that sweeps you away. If you’re looking for something fun this is the book for you. 

Music: Lizzo

Lizzo’s music is upbeat and empowering. She has an incredible voice and her music reminds me of powerful woman’s voices from the Motown, soul, disco era. It immediately puts me in a good mood and makes me want to dance, and I love that most of her lyrics focus on loving your body, embracing who you are, and strutting your stuff. It is refreshing! She just came out with a new song called Juice and her new album – Cuz I Love You – is coming out in April.

Clothing: Girlfriend Collective Bodysuits

I have been wearing these bodysuits for a while and can’t believe I haven’t mentioned them before! I love them. The brand – Girlfriend Collective – is amazing. They believe in slow fashion and only use ethical manufacturing and recycled materials for their clothing. The body suits are so soft and comfortable. The Lily bodysuit is my favorite so far, and I love that theres button snaps at the bottom so you don’t have to take the entire bodysuit off to go to the bathroom, makes life so much easier! They’re soft, comfortable, and flattering.

Movement: Running

I started running again after many years of having to avoid it because of recovery and it has been so special. I can’t believe how much I have missed it and am so grateful I was able to reintroduce this movement back into my life. I am going to write a longer post about this because there is much more tied with running and my eating disorder, but for now what I want to say is that I feel so profoundly happy that I have reached a point in my recovery where I can enjoy running again in a healthy way.

 Movie: The Boy Downstairs

I have always liked Zosia Mamet from her days on Girls and the column she wrote for Glamour. I find her very interesting and thoughtful so I enjoy following the work that she does. I recently saw this cute rom-com she did on HBO and enjoyed it. It was a quirky indie film but a nice light watch with a different storyline than the typical rom-coms and takes place in hipster Brooklyn which is always fun.

2019 Musings

2019 Musings - The Original LG

Happy 2019! With the start of a new year I am always drawn to reflection. I reflect on what I am grateful for from the past year and what I want to focus on for the year ahead.

Over the years I have moved away from making specific resolutions because I have felt that it prevents me from being in the moment, enjoying where I am at in my journey now, and doesn’t allow me to leave space for the possibilities that present themselves to me along the way. However, I still want to take time to reflect on and identify what I want to cultivate for the year ahead.

That is why this year I want to set an intention instead of making specific goals. A powerful way of remembering your intention is to choose a word that represents it so you can continue to refer back to your intention throughout the year.

I recently read this quote from Mama Medicine and was so moved by it. I knew right away that this was the guiding light I needed:

The Original LG 2019 Quote

That quote made everything seem so simple to me. It made all of the things that I stress or worry about dissolve by reminding me of what really matters. And I felt like I could apply it to every area of my life. Truly any area with stress, suffering, or negativity — all I have to do is remember this quote and it immediately brings what really matters into the light.

I particularly found these words so powerful when thinking about disordered eating and the path to recovery.

When you are trapped in eating disorder mentality you are not coming from a place of love for yourself — you are coming from a place of fear. Fear that you are not enough the way you are, fear that things are not ok, fear of your body, fear and judgment of yourself, distrust of yourself, insecurity, self-loathing — whatever it is, it can all be traced back to fear.

This quote made it crystal clear to me that the path to healing is through love. Love brings about the power of healing and we are all capable of love. As long as we stay connected and true to love, we are on our way to healing and building a more peaceful and content life.

So as you have probably already guessed:

The word I choose for 2019 is LOVE

What is your word for 2019? Whatever it is — I hope it brings you joy and fulfillment this next year.

May we be guided by love for ourselves, love for all sentient beings, and love for this planet we call home.

Wishing everyone a happy & bright 2019!



The Original LG Gift Guide

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things from the last year + some fun gift ideas for yourself or loved ones. If you’re into wellness, self-care or sustainability – you will definitely find something interesting.

These are lovely gifts because they encourage you to slow down and take some time for yourself while also helping the environment. I hope something on this list supports you or a loved one to feel your best. And of course there are some fun ideas to round it out. Happy Holidays!

The Original LG Gift Guide

Stojo Cup

Stojo is a collapsible coffee cup that fits in your pocket. Stojo makes it SO easy for you to reduce the amount of disposable cups that you consume because you can carry it around anywhere. It’s easy to use, easy to pack AND it’s really cute. You’ll be be glad that you aren’t using any plastic or paper cups because your Stojo looks so much cooler. 

Metal Straw & Case

You already know how much I love metal straws – such an easy way to reduce the amount of plastic trash that we are throwing into the world. Giving someone a metal straw with a cute case is a fun gift that everyone can use.

Ippodo Matcha

You can never have too much Matcha :) Ippodo is my absolute favorite so obviously this is on the list.

Willowvane Mugs

These ceramic mugs are beautiful. I love unique pieces that are handmade and that support local artists and small businesses. Having a warm cup of tea or matcha during the colder months is very nourishing, and the only thing that makes it better is drinking it in a special mug.

Hoop Earrings from Jennifer Fisher

I LOVE wearing hoops. I am addicted at the moment. I have a bunch that are kind of cheap so the one fancy gift I am coveting is a nice pair of hoops. I love these from Jennifer Fisher.

15 Ways to Self Love Print from Society 6

This is a lovely image with wonderful self love practices. We can never have too many reminders of ways we can show ourselves some love. I think this print would look cute in your bathroom or kitchen.

Volcano Candle from Anthropologie

I love the Capri Blue Volcano candle from Anthropologie. Its been my favorite for a few years now. It gives a room such a warm elegant scent and looks pretty in the iridescent jar it comes in and it is a great price! You can’t go wrong with this one.

Journey to the Heart Daily Meditations by Melody Beattie

This is a lovey daily meditations book that I read each morning. It has a passage for each day that always has a warm insightful message. There is so much wisdom in each daily reflection and it always brings me peace. I have had this book for two years now, and I still find it very helpful. I will continue to use it next year as well.

Three Easy Ways to Reduce Your Trash Footprint

Reduce Trash

Our planet needs all the help it can get. Once you realize how much waste you create it is pretty alarming.

Think about a single Starbucks coffeeshop and how much coffee and to-go cups they are pumping out each day. It’s a ton. And then think of all the Starbucks in your town, and then think of all the ones in your region, and then your state… it is SO much waste I can’t even wrap my head around it. And that is just Starbucks, that’s not even including all the other coffeeshops and restaurants with to-go cups and boxes. It is all adding up and all this trash is getting collected in our oceans, drastically hurting our environment and wildlife. There are so many animals that are dying from ingesting plastic and harmful chemicals found in trash, it is really sad.

I have tried to implement small changes that aren’t difficult or inconveniencing but make a difference. Here are three that I have been doing regularly: 

Metal straws:

I purchased these re-usable metal straws from Amazon that I now take with me in my bag so I can use them instead of plastic straws when I get iced drinks. Or if you forget it, don’t use a straw. You don’t NEED a straw every time you have a cold drink, if you’re in a restaurant just drink out of the cup. You will be fine, I promise.  

Don’t Use Plastic Produce Bags at the Grocery Store:

You know those flimsy plastic bags you put your fruits and vegetables in at the grocery store? They are totally unnecessary. Don’t use them. You can just put your produce in your basket and then once you get home wash your fruits and vegetables and they will be fine. Those plastic bags just end up in your trash right when you get home anyways. Not using them makes a big difference.

Re-usable water bottles:

Ground breaking I know. But SO many people still use plastic water bottles all the time. Not only are you saving yourself money by taking your own re-usable water bottle with you, you are dramatically helping the environment. It’s a win-win.

Hiraeth Collective

I am excited about this new fashion label - Hiraeth Collective. They focus on creating women’s clothing and accessories for conscious consumers who value design and quality while not compromising on their ethical beliefs. All of their items are leather, fur, wool and silk-free. They use alternative fabrics that are sourced from mills in Italy, France, Japan and the UK, and then each piece is carefully crafted in downtown LA.

The label was founded by Rooney Mara and two fashion partners, and is designed for forward-thinking consumers who believe that, “in our impersonal, disconnected age, the values of craftsmanship, quality, comfort and respect for all living creatures are more essential than ever.”

I have been learning more about ethical fashion and have been working to transition into a more sustainable wardrobe. It can be difficult to know which pieces to buy because companies are not always honest and transparent about their sourcing practices and work conditions. This is why I love seeing companies like Hiraeth popping up that have this ethos at their core. I know I can trust them and feel good about investing in their pieces.

I also love the name of the label and what the word means:


(n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the last places of your past

I think it is sad and beautiful at the same time, and there is also something so true about it. For me it captures that feeling of missing the way things were in the past or the idea you have of how some things were - even if its not true to how they actually were - it’s that nostalgia for it. I think of childhood and how sometimes I can miss that spirit I used to have or way of looking at the world but it’s something I can’t return to because I am a different person now. Anyways I digress..

Hiraeth has a small capsule collection at the moment comprised of high-end classic items - my favorites are their Arbus loafers and Blaise Moto jacket. I am looking forward to seeing more of the pieces they make and how they begin to create change within the fashion industry.