Spring Playlist - Pretty

Spring Playlist - Pretty

Pretty melodic songs that lift your spirit and remind you that colorful spring flowers are starting to bloom. These are delicate fun songs that build as you listen to them — so they go from softer, more atmospheric to stronger, poppier sounds. They will leave you feeling empowered and energized.

It’s a pretty eclectic mix — there’s some indie pop, hip-hop, pop, electronic, alt pop — but it’s a great combination and it’s all the stuff I’m loving right now.

Hope you enjoy!

Recovery Diaries: No One Can Give You the Answers

No One Can Give You the Answers

For so much of my life I just wanted to be told the answer or what to do. In recovery I wanted an expert to tell me this is the optimal way you should live to heal and thrive, so then I could do that and go on my merry way.  

When I realized my eating disorder wasn’t going away without the help of a mental health team, I thought – “Ok I’ll go into therapy, they will tell me exactly what I need to do to recover, I will do the work, and then be done with this.”

I am not joking – I went in to my first appointment with a notebook and my questions for the therapist, which were along the lines of – What are the steps to recover? What do I need to do to recover as quickly as possible? Exactly how do I do it? How long is this going to take? And what is my homework?

I thought I simply needed to focus, do my assignments, and then I could kick this thing.

I was SO wrong.

The therapists I have seen over the years have avoided giving me any sort of regimen, or clear answers on how I should live my life. They are always helpful but they never tell me what to do. When I got frustrated with the process a few months ago, I asked my therapist what else I needed to do to recover and what recovery would look like when I was there. I wanted to know where I stood in the process because I was so tired of dealing with this. And then I finally got my answer – she told me that recovery looks different for everyone.

My version of recovery is going to be different than the recovery of someone else who is suffering from a similar eating disorder. It’s not a clear cut one size fits all method. So, she couldn’t tell me what it would look like for me, it was something I was going to have to develop by continuing to do the work.

Although this is an annoying pill to swallow (wouldn’t it be SO MUCH EASIER if they could just give us the answers??!) it did ring very true to me.

In my experience, whenever I have followed some sort of plan or read about how some incredible person lives their life and tried to apply it to my life, it never really works. I always find myself doing those things for a little while but then slowly falling off the wagon and finding myself back to doing things how I feel comfortable doing them. Maybe I will learn some things that I enjoy, but I will incorporate them into my way of doing things.

I can never stick to some written out guideline that someone else created of how things should be done because they aren’t my way of doing things.

When we are so frustrated and tired of not knowing what to do, we wish someone could tell us the answer, or look at how someone you admire is doing something and do it the same way, but life doesn’t work that way and you will only be hurting yourself if you do that. That’s because you need to find your own answers, you need to figure out how you like to live your life, and you need to develop what works for you.

We are all so unique and individual. Our lives and preferences are different, what works for me is not going to work for you, and that is wonderful. Why would we want to be like someone else? Being able to go on a journey of discovering ourselves is a great gift of life. Why do we want to deprive ourselves of that?

The path to healing is learning about yourself and how to take care of yourself, through all the good and the bad. You can’t rely on other people to tell you what to do or to solve your problems, because they aren’t you. You need to tune in and find your answers inside of you.

2019 Musings

2019 Musings - The Original LG

Happy 2019! With the start of a new year I am always drawn to reflection. I reflect on what I am grateful for from the past year and what I want to focus on for the year ahead.

Over the years I have moved away from making specific resolutions because I have felt that it prevents me from being in the moment, enjoying where I am at in my journey now, and doesn’t allow me to leave space for the possibilities that present themselves to me along the way. However, I still want to take time to reflect on and identify what I want to cultivate for the year ahead.

That is why this year I want to set an intention instead of making specific goals. A powerful way of remembering your intention is to choose a word that represents it so you can continue to refer back to your intention throughout the year.

I recently read this quote from Mama Medicine and was so moved by it. I knew right away that this was the guiding light I needed:

The Original LG 2019 Quote

That quote made everything seem so simple to me. It made all of the things that I stress or worry about dissolve by reminding me of what really matters. And I felt like I could apply it to every area of my life. Truly any area with stress, suffering, or negativity — all I have to do is remember this quote and it immediately brings what really matters into the light.

I particularly found these words so powerful when thinking about disordered eating and the path to recovery.

When you are trapped in eating disorder mentality you are not coming from a place of love for yourself — you are coming from a place of fear. Fear that you are not enough the way you are, fear that things are not ok, fear of your body, fear and judgment of yourself, distrust of yourself, insecurity, self-loathing — whatever it is, it can all be traced back to fear.

This quote made it crystal clear to me that the path to healing is through love. Love brings about the power of healing and we are all capable of love. As long as we stay connected and true to love, we are on our way to healing and building a more peaceful and content life.

So as you have probably already guessed:

The word I choose for 2019 is LOVE

What is your word for 2019? Whatever it is — I hope it brings you joy and fulfillment this next year.

May we be guided by love for ourselves, love for all sentient beings, and love for this planet we call home.

Wishing everyone a happy & bright 2019!



The Importance of Hobbies

Hobbies & Activities

When we are little most of us have some sort of hobby or activity we do – like piano, soccer, ballet, basketball, girl scouts, chess, gymnastics. We are enrolled in something outside of school so we can learn and develop other skills.

These activities diversify our lives and bring us joy.

Some of us become really good at them and for others it is something that we simply enjoy. Even if we aren’t going to become a professional soccer player we still continue to participate because it’s fun, gets us out of the house, and it’s a way for us to be hanging out with friends.

These hobbies are good for us. When we are younger we have so many things we do simply for fun, but once we get older and start working we stop doing these activities.

We go to work, then to the gym or home, eat dinner, watch tv, go to sleep, and then start the day again. The days become so redundant and lacking of excitement. No wonder many people turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

I have noticed that when you stop having these activities in your life you feel like something is missing. I noticed that in mine. Before I started acting, I would wake up, go to a job that I didn’t like, was exhausted once I was done, and would either force myself to work out or meet up with a friend, then I would go home and be miserable because I did’t want to go to work the next day, try to numb myself out about it, go to sleep, wake up and do it all over again.

It wasn’t until I started adding in activities simply for the reason that they made me happy that things started to shift in a positive way. For me those activities were acting, singing, yoga and writing. These things made me so happy and started becoming what I looked forward to most in life. 

I also noticed the same thing happen for my brother. He had such an intense investment banking job in New York City. He isn’t very expressive but you could tell he was getting very burnt out. He has always loved house/electronic music so one Christmas we came up with the idea that he should learn how to DJ. We thought it would be a cool way for him to take his passion for music a step further. He started taking DJ classes and it was like his time in NYC changed. He was lit up by it and started finding ways that he could be more involved in the music community he loved. He started to participate by DJ’ing at events and venues. He would go home and work on his playlists for hours and lost track of time. He also played soccer for a men’s league and volunteered teaching kids’ soccer and all of these activities made his life more fun and enjoyable. They helped him have a fuller life.  

I have noticed how huge all of this is for feeling like your life is more than just your work. Like you are more than just your work.

When my younger brother graduated from college that was my biggest piece of advice to him: Have something fun you do outside of work. Keep up at least one hobby. It will be good for your soul. Whenever I speak with friends who seem to be burnt out I ask them if they are doing anything outside of their work that they enjoy and I stress the importance of having something.

Now I have so many activities and I make it a priority to follow my curiosities.

I recently started learning about Astrology and it is so fascinating and cool. There is so much we can learn and explore, it is a shame if we don’t. Life can be so rich if we let it and it helps us learn more about who we are and all the magical elements of life.